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Slide 1 - Register


Complete the registration process with Intelligence Prime Capital. Be sure to choose a strong password, and you must use your real details in order to be successfully verified with your AI powered MT4 Trading account.

Slide 2 - Verification

KYC Verification

Verify your identity by completing your profile and uploading your passport or drivers license document. This will begin the process of obtaining a valid trading account. Verification can take up to 72 hours after submitting your document. After doing this, we strongly recommend heading over to your profile settings and enabling two factor authentication (2FA) on your account. This will add an extra layer of security to further protect your funds.

Slide 3 - Funding

Fund Your Wallet

Your account needs funding so the bot can perform trades on the Forex market for you. In order to do this you will need an account on one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase Pro. Once you have purchased your chosen cryptocurrency from the exchange, you can send it to your Intelligence Prime Funding wallet. BTC and USDT are both accepted. We recommend using USDT because of faster transaction times and lowest fees. A $99 one off payment is required for subscription to the AIA trading bot, followed by a minimum deposit of $100 for the bot to use as trading capital. You can deposit as much as you want, as long as you meet the minimum USDT deposit of $199 to get up and running. A higher deposit means higher profits on the bot's winning trades.

Slide 4 - Purchase Bot

Activate the AI

Head over to the Subscription tab on the main menu and subscribe to the Genius Bot. It's a one time $99 payment and will activate the AI that performs trades for you, 24 hours per day Monday through Friday.

Slide 5 - Transfer to Trading Account

Transfer from Wallet to MT4

Head over to Internal Transfer (Transactions tab) on the main menu. Type the amount in USD you wish to transfer from your funding wallet to your MT4 trading wallet. Once funds are in your trading wallet you're done! Your new line of passive income will automatically be paid out into your funding wallet every Saturday when the weekday trading stops. You can also withdraw your profits on Saturday or you can re-deposit them back into your trading wallet to further increase your trading capital. The choice is yours!

Slide 6 - Monitor Your Trades

Monitoring Your Trades

Head over to MT4 Closed Trades Report (Reports tab) on the main menu. Select your MT4 Trading account from the drop down on the top left of the screen and click Search. This will show all the trades that have been executed so far. If this is your first day getting started wait until the end of the next business day and you will see your first trades have appeared. You also have the option to export all of your trades to Excel form, which is especially handy if needed for tax purposes!

Slide 7 - Refer Your Friends

Refer your Friends!

You will receive a 5% bonus from the deposits made by your referrals. This is an excellent way to further increase your trading capital and boost your weekly profits! For full details on profits and bonuses you can jump to page 36 on the Intelligence Prime Capital presentation PDF in the link below.

Slide 8 - Security Tip 1

Never Fall for Scam Sites

Security is one of the highest concerns over at Intelligence Prime Capital. To ensure you are always visiting the correct site, be sure to bookmark the page when we you reach your dashboard immediately after sign up. Do not use search engine results to navigate to your account, and especially do not click on any phishing links provided to you by people pretending to be Intelligence Prime Capital "officials" on group based messaging platforms like Telegram or Discord.

Slide 9 - Security Tip 2

Always Enable 2FA

It's of the upmost importance that you immediately enable two factor authentication, which can be done in your Profile settings. This adds a critical extra layer of security to your account. With 2FA enabled, hackers or scammers would also need access to your mobile device if your login details were ever found out. This is a strongly recommended step towards protecting your funds!

Slide 10 - Security Tip 3

Always Use a Trusted Exchange

You must always use a trusted exchange when purchasing cryptocurrency you plan to send over to your IPC trading account. USDT and BTC are both available for purchase at Binance and Coinbase Pro. Do not fall for scam sites that are deliberately bumped to the top of search engine results. Always use the safe approach and go with one of the major exchanges that adhere to the highest security standards. Especially important, be sure you understand the process of deposit and withdrawal before engaging in any cryptocurrency transactions. If you accidentally send funds to the wrong address or over an incorrect network it cannot be reversed and will lead to a total loss of funds.

Slide 11 - Best Practice Tip 1

Monitoring Trades App

If you plan to monitor your trades outside of your IPC account then we recommend using the official MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading app. When you sign up to IPC you will be emailed your MT4 ID, along with Master Password and Investor Password. For extra security, be sure to use the investor password when connecting your MT4 ID to the IntelligencePrime-live MT4 server inside the app. This will ensure your login is set to "viewing only". The master password gives you the ability to manually intervene in the trades, so only use that if you plan to override the trades being executed by the AI trading system.

Slide 12 - Best Practice Tip 2

Keep To Saturday

Intelligence Prime Capital conduct most work on business days which is Monday to Friday. To avoid delays, keep your deposits, withdrawals and re-compounding on Saturday when trading has stopped and everyone get's paid.

Slide 13 - Best Practice Tip 3

Check Announcements

Intelligence Prime Capital is constantly working hard to roll out essential updates to the system. The announcements will keep you informed of security updates, server updates and improvements to the overall user experience and stability. Be sure to check this area frequently to stay informed of the latest news, updates and security guidelines.

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