Funding Tutorial

Slide 1 - Debit Card

By Debit/Credit Card

Register with the Binance cyrptocurrency exchange using the button below and log into your account. Select "Buy Crypto" from the menu at the top followed by "Credit/Debit Card" in the drop down.

Slide 2 - Choose Currency

Choose Currency

Set your home currency in the first box and choose USDT in the second box. In this example, we have set the purchase amount as 205 USDT. This will cover the transaction fees ensuring the required minimum of $199 USDT is able to reach our Intelligence Prime Captial Wallet.

Slide 3 - Go to Wallet

Go to Your Wallet

After your USDT purchase is complete you need to withdraw the USDT to your Intelligence Prime Capital funding wallet. On the top right of your account homescreen select "Wallet", then click on "Overview" in the drop down.

Slide 4 - Withdraw


In the wallet overview section select the "Withdraw" button on the top right of the screen.

Slide 5 - Copy Address

Copy your Wallet Address

Go to your Intelligence Prime Capital account and select "Transaction", then "Funding". Select "USDT (TRC20)" as the funding method and copy the wallet address underneath the QR code. If you are using a mobile device you can also scan the QR code when performing a withdrawal via the Binance mobile app.

Slide 6 - Transfer to IPC

Transfer to your IPC Wallet

Under "Select Coin" choose "USDT TetherUS". Then under "Withdraw to" you must paste your Intelligence Prime Wallet address that you copied earlier into the "Address" field, and double check it to make sure it matches! Under "Network" it is extremely important you choose the same network of your copy/pasted IPC wallet address. Double check the network you choose matches the network you selected in your IPC account. In this example the chosen network is TRC20. Under "Amount" choose "Max" and select the "Withdraw" button below. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

Slide 7 - Be Patient

Be Patient...

Crypto transactions rely on block confirmations to complete, and can take from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how congested the network is at the time you performed your transaction. Keep in mind USDT transactions are usually faster than BTC.

Slide 8 - Security Tip 1

Understand How It Works

Before proceeding with this quick tutorial it is extremely important you familiarize yourself on how crypto transactions work if you don't already know. If you accidently send your crypto to the wrong address or you select to send it over the wrong network you will lose your digital assets irreversibly. This funding tutorial covers how to purchase USDT from Binance and send it to your Intellience Prime Capital funding wallet. For a more detailed overall understanding of how Binance deposit/withdraw works please see the official guide below.

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