Earning 5K per Month on the Internet

Earning 5K per Month on the Internet

Let’s face it, most of us have been there. We work our derrieres off for long hours with crummy pay that seldom reflects our talents and skills that makes us worth more. Whether your stacking shelves, shifting gears or coding a project you’re all working hard, some of you in overdrive, skipping your lunch or staying late, because you’re a true asset to your company and one day they will see this, they have to. But wait, during all this passion for what you do, for your excellent work ethic, for your your determination to see all tasks through, you find yourself sitting there wondering if you can get a 20-40% raise just by going somewhere else. Why is this? The answer is very straight forward. It’s because you’re better than the recognition you’re getting, and deep down you know it. Many of us have been down this road and asked ourselves, is there a way to double or triple my earnings through passive income? Is it possible? Yes, it actually is possible. If this has piqued your interest then don’t stop reading.

What is Passive Income?

Passive Income is a source of revenue that continues even after the work is complete. For example, the royalties an artist receives from a music album. Or the earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other business in which the person is not actively involved. When it comes to making money on the internet there are many choices from dropshipping, selling on Amazon to print on demand, the list goes on. But are any of these Passive Income? No, they are not. Because they require you to work to earn that money. Wouldn’t it just be nice if we could engage in something profitable that required no work at all so we don’t have to give up our day jobs (yet)? Indeed, this is what Passive Income truly means. The acquisition of money through completely passive means whilst holding onto the things you care for the most. Whether it’s job security, family time or just time for yourself. It’s all the same desire.

So how can I earn a Passive Income?

There’s been a huge spike in industries that can achieve this. Noticed how you know at least one person who’s made a chunk of change be it small or large through crypto now? Have you invested in crypto yet? Because if you haven’t you should anyway! What’s there to lose? Go and buy a small bag of tokens for your favorite utility project and HODL (hold on for dear life)! Chances are the hundred bucks you threw in will be worth much more a few years later. What about Forex trading, have you tried that? Hold on, what happened to making up to 5K per month? You’re right, because unless you’re a full time expert day trader the HODL is still just the HODL, and knowing the market to perform swing trades requires commitment to the charts and more importantly – time, lots of time.

The strategy

To achieve this you need a product that will automatically earn you money. It needs to be a product that consumes none of your free time should you choose, and it needs to continue to earn money in the months/years that follow. Well yes, the product now exists and comes in the form of an Artificial Intelligence that automatically makes money for you. You heard right, you get paid just to run this AI product alone. You also get paid every time your friends use this product. Wait, what was that? Yes, you get paid if you onboard your friends into this product as well, and they get paid from the product too. That’s a dual passive income right there. But it get’s even better, if you onboard enough of your friends into this product your rank will go up, which means you get a monthly bonus on top. Oh, almost forgot – the higher your rank, the bigger your bonus. What we’ve just described is a triple passive income profits system. Still interested?

The Product

Enter, the Genius Bot by Intelligence Prime Capital. A Forex trading bot that automatically performs trades on the Forex market for you. It has a 97% win rate and yields 30–50% per month in profits from the trades it makes alone. It was developed over 5 years before it was released to the general public and underwent a lot of vigorous testing. You can see the stats on how well the bot is doing on myfxbook. This is one of the best Forex AI trading systems out there. The results speak for themselves. The bot is funded in USDT and pays profits in USDT, which is the stable coin cryptocurrency that represents the US dollar. It’s a state of the art algorithmic trading platform that anyone can have up and running making money for as little as $199. No technical knowledge required.

The Triple Profits System

  1. The bot sends you profits on your first Saturday after activation, which totals to 30-50% profits per month.
  2. Invite your friends, and benefit from making a 10% commission whenever they fund their Genius Bot.
  3. Intelligence Prime Capital take 20% from all profits made by everyone’s bots, but they don’t just take is all for themselves. They throw it into a bonus pool that gets distributed among their highest ranking referrers!!

Triple profits.

How does this look in the real world?

Well that is an insane incentive strategy. They’ve released a product that pays you, it pays your friends, it pays you when your friends deposit funds and it also pays you a handsome bonus the more friends you invite. Let’s see how this tallies up when all this passive income is averaged out by the folks over at IPC.

In this example, the bot is purchased and has been funded $1000 USDT as trading capital. The average investor in optimal market trading conditions stands to have almost tripled their original investment in just 6 months. Just for doing absolutely nothing – 100% passive income.

OK, so how about if that investor wanted to invite their friends? We now want to put in just a little effort to further boost the passive income even more. We want at least tier 1 in that rewards system right? Well that will add an additional $2700/month in pure passive income profits. Look at the results.

Intelligence Prime Capital have designed a profitable product that incentivizes its users to spread the product by rewarding them the more they spread it. This is how users can easily reach 5K according to IPC.

Exciting right? This passive income opportunity has the potential to provide us with the average salary of a 9-5 job! Thinking of quitting your job yet? Hold fire! You don’t need to quit, keep your job and also get money this way at the same time right? Not a half bad idea, anyone can do this. In fact, the conservative type investor would probably want to withdraw all profits generated by the bot until their initial investment is recovered in profits. Not a half bad idea either, many people are doing this too because at the end of the day Forex is Forex and still carries risk, which is emphasized in the risk disclaimer when signing up. Never put in more than you can afford to lose, it’s the only financial advice given to us by the investor gods that’s worth knowing. It never hurts to be too careful.

But what if we wanted to exit passive income mode and go full time on this instead? If you’re someone who’s worked in multi-level marketing we know you’re smelling money now. The earning up to 5K is just Individual Achievement rank, so what if we wanted to treat this like a business? What if we wanted to move up to Leader Achievement rank or above? The proposed reality in the IPC presentation is startling.

This just went from clever AI trading system, to a passive income matching the average salary, and now has the potential to offer financial freedom?? The sky seems it’s the limit with this beast. It all depends how far you’re willing to go, and anyone with an already established multi-level marketing contacts network is going to find doing this very easy indeed.

Where can I learn more?

This article has provided a few snippets of a 46 presentation by Intelligence Prime Capital. If you want to view the entire presentation you can do that at the bottom of this page. Furthermore, you’ll find their certificates with the financial regulators who are backing them.

I want in, so how can I activate my Genius Bot right now?

It’s very straight forward, simply follow the tutorial over at thepassiveincome.life.

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