AI Trading in 2022 – What is the Best Forex Trading Bot?

AI Trading in 2022 – What is the Best Forex Trading Bot?

I’m new to Trading, so how can I invest wisely in Forex trades?

Knowing the correct time to place a trade takes years of experience. It starts with learning the fundamentals of understanding the graphs, and identifying critical moments in the market for trade execution. From trend lines, support, resistance, pullbacks to continuation patterns and price reversal zones. This all takes many years to master, and one must also have invested the time to understand candlesticks and graph drawing tools to aid further into predicting future market movements. The average trading enthusiast already in a 9-5 job might have the money but generally won’t have the time to invest in learning, and so algorithmic AI trading gives these individuals exactly what they need to get started without giving up their day job; a foot in the door.

What is AI trading?

Simply put, it’s Man Vs machine. Algorithmic trading, the most widely used form of AI in the financial industry, uses complex and advanced mathematical models to make transaction decisions on behalf of humans. Rules built into this model attempt to determine the optimal time to trade, with the least repercussions on stock prices. Whether it’s Forex, cryptocurrencies or stocks and shares, we now find the online trading space is home to a growing number of Artificial Intelligence trading sites.

Is AI trading the same as copy trading?

No. Copy trading allows individuals to automatically copy positions opened and managed by other individuals. Adopters of this strategy get to benefit from automation, but the trades they’re copying are trades made by other humans, so they don’t get to benefit from AI which are positions opened and managed by artificially intelligent machines (trading bots).

Is AI trading difficult?

This all depends on which AI you choose. As with many software’s, even those driven by AI, the user can become confronted with an intimidating number of settings and parameters that need to be manually pre-defined by the user before the trading bot is activated. These tools and advanced options come to benefit expert traders substantially, but for the average trading enthusiast it can easily lead to a total loss of investment if they don’t know what they’re doing. For these individuals a ready to use pre-programmed AI trading bot with a high win rate is far more convenient. It also lessens the risk to capital for a junior trader still learning the ropes, allowing them to monitor the conservative scalping techniques being executed by the bot and taking away invaluable lessons from those observations.

Which AI trading platform is easiest and requires little to no effort?

Not many can rival the “Genius Bot” by Intelligence Prime Capital. It requires zero settings or parameters and starts making trades for the user 24/5 as soon as they give it trading capital. Profits and bonuses are paid out in USDT without fail every Saturday, where they can easily be withdrawn or re-deposited back into the bot to further increase trading capital. Re-compounding profits back into the bot is an excellent way to increase profits overall, and most users will re-compound every Saturday until they reach the optimum amount of trading capital before they finally start withdrawing profits to bank. The bot is not a downloadable piece of software you need to run on your computer, it’s a cloud based AI trading algorithm that is presented to the user in an easy to use web interface. Trades can be actively monitored through this interface, and they can also be monitored through the MetaTrader4 smartphone app as well.

What kind of win rate are we talking here?

30-45% monthly profits. Most users see their initial investment returned to them in profits within 2-4 months of allowing the bot to trade. The bot has been designed to play the market safely and conservatively. Intelligence Prime Capital have out-done themselves in the design of this AI. The Genius Bot stats of overall success can be found here on myfxbook, an advanced statistics tool trusted by Forex traders looking for licensed broker safety assurances since 2009.

How much does it cost?

It’s a one off activation cost of $99 for the Genius Bot. After that, the user decides how much trading capital they want to give the AI to execute trades with. The higher the trading capital the bigger the weekly profits will be from the Genius Bot. The minimum deposit into the trading wallet is $100 but users can put in as much as they want. There is no limit.

How can I get the Genius Bot?

To gain access to the bot all users must first sign up here with Intelligence Prime Capital. Setup takes only 10 minutes and a full guide can be found here. After the user is verified they will be given their own personal MT4 Trading account. This is the account the bot will use to conduct the trades.

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